To lead young people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and help them embrace His call to Discipleship.


Guided by the word and the spirit, we are committed to inspire, train, and empower youth to serve God within the community and share in this mission.
Matthew 28:18-20, Luke 15:1


We aim to accomplish this by modelling active spiritual leadership and empowering pastors, youth leaders, and youth, to participate in this mission through:

1. Fostering the growth of a community of Grace where a Christ like spirit of love, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance is all-pervasive. Paramount to this community is the creation of a safe and appropriate environment that allows youth to freely grow and express themselves.

2. Valuing excellence, relevance, creativity, authenticity, loyalty, integrity, accountability, joy, encouragement, affirmation, uniqueness and worth of the individual.

3. Supporting, and remaining connected to the organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

4. Creating an atmosphere conducive to a vibrant personal and corporate worship experience.

5. Promoting the welfare of the family unit.

6. Teaching, and modelling discipleship.

7. Organizing events that: facilitate commitments to Jesus Christ; give opportunities for social interaction; broaden vision; provide training and opportunities for service and evangelism.

8. Providing opportunities for mission leading to service as a
way of life.


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