A collection of video footage from VicYouth events. For more videos from events around the Victorian Conference, go to Victorian

Chris Stanley - Legacy  Christos Spero - You Are Important  Brodie Smith - In the Name of Jesus  

Chris Starrett - Easter Camp Brendan Pratt - Easter Camp Global Youth Day 2015 Simon Gigliotti - He Is the Heart


Phil H - Who do you think Jesus Is? Billy Otto - Live It Out Billy Otto - The Sun Is Setting Global Youth Day 2014

Dayna Petrie - It Starts With Me Pastor Tony Knight - Be the Change Sharon Witt - Being a Teen in 2014 Jeffrey Parker - What is Greatness?

Pastor Possingham - PF Rally Moe Stiles - Youth Rally 2013 Moe, Walter & Rangi Dejan Stojkovic - Mission & Service