Other Local Events  |  Jan 01 2019 - Jan 06 2019

Location: Molesworth

Registration will open from 9am on Friday the 27th of April.  There are 2 links.



The first one is for you as a club director.




Please click on this link and fill in your clubs details. 


 The second link is for the individual pathfinders and staff of your club.




Please copy and paste this link into an email and send it to your pathfinder families.  They will be able to register online and pay for the camporee fee via credit card.  There is also an option to purchase a camporee shirt as well.



Pathfinder Expedition

Jun 08 2018 - Jun 11 2018

Part 1 Manual is out now: Mission Possible


Jun 24 2018

Chosen Teen Leadership

Jul 02 2018 - Jul 17 2018

Share Him

Jul 02 2018 - Jul 17 2018

Digital Discipleship

Jul 21 2018 - Jul 22 2018

Northern Metro Rally

Jul 28 2018